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Zercy is a small startup with a real passion for Web, we offer a large range of services such as Web design, Graphic design, SEO and even Social media management. We believe that customers are what make a brand, and what good is a brand without customers? Here are Zercy we aim to deliver in all areas of creating, managing and helping to strengthen your business to deliver both a highly professional look and a great experience for the consumer.

We can help with all aspects of your business, from creating your brands look and feel to building and optimising your online presence. We understand that no one size fits all, and we'll work with you to create a unique and bespoke look to your business.

Zercy can create, manage and strengthen your online presence; giving your customers a richer and more fulfilling way to interact with your brand.

The team @ Zercy

Zercy is a small startup company based in Sheffield, we're very passionate about what we do and its our belief that every individual has something unique to bring to the table. You can read more about us here.

What Zercy can offer you...

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Bespoke Development

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Graphic Design


Social Media Management

Web Design

Bespoke Development

Bespoke development can mean many things. To us, it's a chance to develop a completely unique application the way you intended, and have complete security that your end product will work and feel like you imagined.

At Zercy we're no strangers to custom development. We believe that our knowledge and skill with the latest web and server technologies enable us to achieve the highest standard on all of your deliverables. If you’ve got a custom project and want us to help, get in touch.

Digital Advertising

Nowadays consumers are heading online to make their purchases; one of the main problems facing businesses is how they can still offer the same impact as a store-front or advertisement but at the same time reach out to thousands of potential customers.

We can work with you to devise a large range of advertising campaigns to coincide with your business, helping to increase sales from  online exposure. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you.

Digital Advertising

Graphic Design

Your brands image is everything; it tells customers what you sell, your ethos and even shows that your target market is, making it a critical component to your business.

It’s all about first impressions, does you’re branding catch the eye of your target market and what can you offer which competitors cannot? Zercy aims to help strengthen your business by providing a range of graphic design solutions aimed at focusing your brands image and styling to help convey what your business is all about. If you have a project coming up and need our help, please do get in touch.


Every day billions of queries are made on popular search engines, customers searching for businesses like yours. Did you know only 1.2% of searches will look beyond the first page on Google? Displaying near the top of popular search engine results for relevant keywords can work miracles on your businesses web presence.

Whether you want to expand into the online marketplace or get consumers involved with your brand, ranking and search engine optimisation is everything. Zercy can help get consumers looking at your website, rather than the competitions. To find out more about what we can offer your business, please do get in touch with us.

Social Media Management

A business only exists because it has consumers; one of the key aims for every business is to maintain good relations with their consumers as well as a presenting a positive face for the brand. It should come as no surprise then that many businesses are choosing to harness the power of social media to acquire brand loyal customers, and direct attention to their business and products.

So with all of the social media outlets out there, maintaining your social media presence can be a full time job. We’re here to alleviate and harness the power of social media for your business, helping to increase customer interaction as well as how you’re perceived on key platforms. We believe we can help drive your social presence online, so why not get in touch with us to find out more.

Web Design

There is no reason for not having your business online in today’s world; web design has become an increasingly cost effective solution to help drive sales and step ahead of the competition. Whether you are thinking about your first website or have an already established online presence. Zercy are here to help drive you further forward online.

With Zercy you’re getting years of experience in the industry, built by people with great experience working on commercial websites. We know what makes a good website, and by assessing your aims and needs as a business, can tailor a solution that fits right at home with your values.

If you’re interested about what Zercy can do for you, get in touch today.

Built using industry leading software...

From the smallest business to the biggest brand, we'll help grow your idea and business through our use of effective and modern techniques. We use some of the industries leading software to design, manage and implement your online solution.

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Drupal is a piece of open source website development software that offers endless customisability, is easy to maintain and is optimised with the customer in mind.

Because Drupal is open-source, licensing is very flexible which means there is no hassle when wanting to make changes to the way your website works. The wider Drupal community helps to design, build and publish one of the largest range of web plugin repositories in the world meaning that we can focus on delivering quality in a timeframe that your business demands.

We use Drupal because its powerful, it drives some of the largest websites on the internet and when we take on a project we're always thinking about your long term aims, you need software that's scalable and manageable; Drupal delivers in both of these areas.

You can find a little bit more about Drupal here or you can kickstart your business here.


WordPress is the worlds largest self-hosted blogging tool, but it doesn't stop there...

WordPress is not only a great for its fast performance and way of managing content. Over the years and from hundreds of open-source contributors it has grown to be full featured and actively maintained with thousands of plugin developers writing new features each week. We think WordPress is great for use with smaller sites, as it allows you add and change content you want without any hassle whatsoever. If it means that you can have a great experience administrating your site, we love it!

Although WordPress is fast for smaller websites, it may not be suitable for larger business websites. Sites that want to host e-commerce solutions will want to look at something other than WordPress, such as Drupal, which offers the speed and power you need to run a large website.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. Artists and graphic designers use Illustrator to create vector graphics. It's applications are diverse, from creating print and web graphics, logos, advertisements and much more. Illustrator is deceptively complex and as such having a designer who can use Illustrator effectively is essential to any modern business. Vectors created in illustrator are unlike conventional bitmap images as they store information in a grid of dots, Illustrator uses mathematical equations to draw out the shapes. This makes vector graphics scalable without the loss of resolution. This is one of the many reasons why we use Illustrator for creating most of our graphics.

Illustrator is incredibly powerful when used in the right hands, let us help design and create your next idea today and contact us.


Adobe InDesign is an industry standard desktop publishing program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. InDesign has a range of uses from print production to digital production. Rather than a content-creation tool, the primary use for InDesign is the layout of your document. InDesign is used to combine text, images, vectors and other prepared content into a finished product for publishing. InDesign smoothly works with other Adobe products for example, if you edit an image in Photoshop that has been placed into InDesign then it will automatically change into that edited image. InDesign also allows for a variety of digital publication methods ranging from interactive PDFs to full-fledged iPad applications. 

We can create your digital publication with ease using InDesign, so head over to contact us to get in touch!


Adobe Photoshop is a peice of image editing software developed and manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc. Photoshop is considered one of the leaders in photo editing software. Being introduced in the early 90s; it changed the way we use images in publications and online. The software allows users to manipulate, crop, resize, and correct colour on digital photos and as such is very popular amongst professional photographers and graphic designers.  We use Photoshop as it has some powerful tools for use to use for projects such as our ability to manipulate existing graphics to suit the theme and style of your brand.

We can work wonders with photoshop, and we can work wonders with your business too so get in touch.

Google analytics

Google analytics helps us to understand how customers are interacting with your business. We use Google analytics to identify how customers navigate your site and how they spend their time. One of the great benefits of running Google Analytics is that its lightweight, but provides copious amounts of information to help optimise the way your site delivers content. Google Analytics also helps us to look at how we can improve your site structure, and identify what your customers are searching for and the ease of getting this information.

We use Google analytics as part of our SEO service so if you need our help, you can contact us today.


Hootsuite is a comprehensive tools for managing, scheduling and reporting on social media activitiy related to your brand. Hootsuite allows us to set out a campaign schedule to co-ordinate with your business and help to maximise engagement from social media.

Social media is a crowded area to fight for business, and we use a mixture of hootsuite and our experience to deliver significant changes in your social media interaction. Hootsuite forms one of the many different pieces of software that makes up our social media management service to give you a well crafted approach to social marketing.

If you're interested in harnessing the power of social media why not drop us a line?

Screaming frog

Screaming frog offers us a chance to quickly crawl your website with pinpoint accuracy. SEO involves a lot of different variables that all need to be accounted for and assessed, with Screaming frog we can gather 90% of how your site is performing technically, and combining this with our other software can be used to very quickly and accurrately pinpoint outstanding issues with your website. We use screaming frog because we don't require that you have built your site with us to use it. Screaming frog will work with any platform as it looks at your website exactly how Google/Bing would.

We use Screaming frog, in conjunction with many other pieces of software as part of our SEO services. Contact us today to find out more.